Sunday, 13 July 2014

Where It Begins

Hello everyone! (Well pretty much just myself right now)
I have decided to create a blog like many other teenagers, as a way to record the next four years of my life. You may be wondering what the next four years of my life entails, and here it is:
That's right, like many other middle class adolescents, I will be embarking on the university journey so that I can hopefully get a job when I finish and be thousands of dollars in debt! 
I will be attending the University of Guelph located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada! I am half excited, half nervous but I can't wait to move two hours away from my hometown to make all new friends. 
This blog will probably, at one point be classified in to a certain genre but for now, it is just a blog that will have all of my adventures that I will go on, preparing, and then attending university. I've always wanted to start something like this and finally have decided to begin blogging since I have finally figured out what the focus will be. I will aim to write two to three blog entries a week but some weeks may be completely dead where as some others will be super busy and I'll have more to write about! No sense in forcing out crappy posts. 

Throughout my life I have always been interested in more of the arts, rather than sciences. I definitely am not Eistein when it comes to math or science, but when it comes to English and Social Sciences, I do (not to toot my own horn) pretty well. I also never really liked sports either and while I tried to like sports, (trust me, I tried) I never really did. It was never really my thing. However, as soon as my family bought our first HP desktop computer, I was always on it playing CD ROM games like Timon and Pumba, and Reader Rabbit. I lived my life on the edge. As I got older, my interest in computers continued and I always loved to go on Facebook and/or play different games like Habbo Hotel, and Club Penguin. When I entered grade nine, I started to take a bunch of computer courses where I learned basic photoshop skills, tech design, and animation. I then took yearbook so I could learn about the whole, publishing and web design aspect of computers and the internet and loved it. And what is born when writing and computers come together as one? A blog! 

Now, after finishing high school, I have decided to create my own blog and will hopefully continue on through my four years at university! My blog will actually start to produce posts on July 22th when I go see U of G for the first time! (I know, I know, picking a school without seeing it, bad bad) I will also add pictures to each blog post so that it's a little more visually stimulating! 

Until then,
Peace out! Matty


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